Monday, April 25, 2011

Double class for Adult Ballet!!!

Excellent news!!

I'm so please and excited to announce that i'm teaching, not one but two classes a week of ballet!

So, for you who are longing to join a adult ballet workout class, SIGN UP NOW!

Every Wednesday and Friday 7.00pm- 8.00pm
Where? Jalan Gasing PJ Home studio

Oh.... I'm so excited to more classes!!
Love, Staphanie Mun

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Ballerina Lazy Sunday

I enjoy flipping thru fashion magazines all the time. I think all girls do. For me especially, i needed to be inspired to look beautiful. Don't know about you, but i find myself too complacent sometimes... Haha...=> You know what i mean? Minimal blusher, lip gloss, hair tied-up in pony tail. Voila, I'm out the door.

So, as i was saying, looking at models and celebrities in their best look, inspire me to buck up and look good too!=)

I always manage to find ballet pictures in fashion magazine.=)
Another gorgeous ad campaign by Repetto:-



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adult ballet Teaching Dairy Jalan Gasing PJ Home studio

My Adult ballet Teaching Dairy
Share some simple free exercise choreographed by myself:-

1) Plie (Revision) (Free work)
Commencing 1st position. Side way to barre.
Intro (Arm demi bras)
1-4 2x Demi Plie
5-8 Forward Port de Bras
1-4 Grand Plie
5-6 Rise & lower
7-8 Degage to a la seconde

(Repeat) 2x 8's with Side bend (in a la seconde)
(Repeat) 2x 8's with Back bend (in 3rd position)
(Repeat) 2x 8's with Circular Port De Bras (4th position)
Rise. Arms open 5th position.

2) Battement Tendue (Revision, add new moves)
Commencing 3rd position left foot devant. Side way to barre.
Intro (Arm 1st to 2nd)
Battement tendue with straight legs en croix
Battenment tendue with fondue en croix
Glisse encloche passing thru cou-de-pied

3) Battement glisse (Revision, add some difficulty and speed)
Commencing 3rd position left foot devant. Side way to barre.
Intro (Arm 1st to 2nd)
1-2 1x Battement glisse in 2 count (devant)
3-4 2x Battement glisse in 1 count (devant)
5-6 1x Battement glisse in 2 count (a la seconde) close derriere
7-8 2x Battement glisse in 1 count (a la seconde) close devant & derriere
(Repeat) en croix

4) Rond de Jambe a terre
Commencing 3rd position left foot devant. Side way to barre.
Intro (Arm 1st to 2nd)
Rond de Jambe a terre en dehor with straight leg, en croix
Rond de Jambe a terre en dedans with straight leg, en croix
Rond de Jambe a terre en dehor with bend leg, en criox
Rise & turn other side.

5) Releve
Facing barre. Commencing 1st position.
3x Releve in 1st
Degage to a la seconde
3x Releve in 2nd
Degage to 3rd devant
3x Releve in 3rd
Degage to 3rd derriere
3x Releve in 3rd
Degage close 1st position

6) Releve & Retire passe
Facing barre. Commencing 3rd position.
1x Releve
1x Retire devant
1x Retire passe
1x Releve

7) Training of Grand Battement with attitude (bend leg) & straight leg
Commencing 3rd position left foot devant. Side way to barre.
Intro (Arm 1st to 2nd)
Degage devant, lift grand battement devant with bend leg
en croix
Repeat with straight leg

8) Centre exercise

Commencing croise, left foot devant.
2x Classical walk (Arm 1st to a la seconde)
Chasse passe into 1st arabesque
1st arabesque en l'air
Fondue, pas de bourree
(Repeat other side)

Emboite 3x
Soutenu en tournant

10) Training exercise for turn
(1/4 turn)


11) Petite Allegro
Pas jete & Temp leve

Hope you enjoy today's post!

Remember, you can do ballet at any age. It is an excellent fitness workout!

Are you looking for a fitness class, a workout session that train both physical strength and cultivate poise? Join my adult ballet lessons.

Wear a baby t-shirt, singlet & black legging.

RM480 (for 12 sessions) (valid for 3 months)
RM50 (Walk in)/per class
RM50 (Trial class)/per class

I'm sure you will love the lesson and have fun!

Staphanie Mun (012- 385- 1501)

Look what i found... while i was spring cleaning today.

Can you guess what this is?
My mood page for Little Ballerina, before the birth of my blog...
I was thinking about this project, this concept, will people read it? Should i start a blog?

I have so much passion for ballet. Creative juice is oozing out from my brain, i have to write, i have to start this ballet blog.=)

So, as you can see, i was already thinking about merchandising, back then... hehe...
drawing & designing my first Little Ballerina T-shirts for fans.

Looking back, it is kinda cool.
I'm having a lot of fun, i get to meet interesting, like minded (ballet crazy) friends from around the world.

Voila! MyLilBallerina is born.

I'll update you all when my Little Ballerina T-shirt is available!

Love, Staphanie Mun

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Petite Allegro: Saute & Changement

Petite Allegro - small jumps

Saute = Small simple jumps (not too high)

Example exercise:-
Commencing 1st position, enface.
(Arm bras bas)
1-4 4x saute in 1st position
5-8 Straighten legs (arms demi bras)
& Demi plie

1-4 4x saute in 1st position
5-8 Straighten legs (arms demi bras)

Tips: Always start with a demi-plie, push away from floor, using the floor momentum, let your feet leave the ground. Straighten your knees and point your feet in the air! =)

Repeating 4 sets of this exercise, increase your stamina and endurance.=)

Changements = Changing your feet during the jump

Example exercise:-
Commencing 3rd position, right foot devant, enface.
(Arm bras bas)
1-4 4x changement in 3rd position with change feet.
5-8 Straighten legs (arms demi bras)
& Demi plie

1-4 4x changement in 3rd position with change feet
5-8 Straighten legs (arms demi bras)

Enjoy your Petite Allegro!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend for Little Ballerina

It rained this morning. A bit chilly but i love the morning cool breeze.
Saturday morning... started with a good cup of coffee.

My plan for today:-
Tidy up my house.
I get pretty messy when i work, my whole dining table are full of paper and books, my Sony Alpha DSL camera, moleskin notebook, and various coloured pens. My cherry red Sony laptop stand in the middle of all these chaos....=)

Rearrange my collections of ballet DVDs & music CDs... (remind myself to pack them in my teaching bag, to share the DVds with my students, i'm sure they'd like to watch)

Whatelse should i do today?
Hm... i deserve a 'do nothing day', just unwind and relax after such a hectic and busy week.=) Often time, i fall into that category of women, feeling guilty of having 'me' time. I want to change that mindset and love my body, mind and soul. We all need to rest, and time to rejuvanate.=)

ok! I'm just going to relax now, & listen to some music...

Ballet + Cupcake = Happy Ballerina!

Such a wonderful and good workout today.

Started the class with a few warm up routines, move on to barre work.
All free music and free work choreographed by me:
1) Battement Tendue
2) Rond de Jambe a Terre en dehor, Rond de Jambe en dedan & develope
3) Battement Glisse en croix
4) Grand Battement with Attitude
5) Centre work: Adage : Port de Bras
6) Petite Allegro: Changement
7) Grande Allegro: Temp leve
8) Reverence
9) Warm down floor exercises

By the end of the class, i was feeling real good!

And here is the surprise, at the end of our lesson, there were all these super cute boxes of cupcakes waiting for us! Thank you, D!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Enjoyed teaching my Adult Ballet classes

I really enjoyed teaching Adult ballet class again.

Started my students with the basic steps. Introduced some simple ballet French terms and arms positions. Personally, i enjoy the wonderful classical music most. It is both relaxing and so lyrical.

Are you looking for a fitness class, a workout session that train both physical strength and cultivate poise? Yes, you can join, any age, no dance background needed. I'm specialised in teaching Adult Ballet, i'll teach from basic. We just started 1 lesson only, this is the best time to join in the class. (Ladies only)

Every Wednesday and Friday, 7-8pm. Bangsar Village 2, FIT for 2 Studio.

Wear a baby t-shirt, singlet & black legging.

Fees:- One off registration fee FitFor2 Studio RM100
RM480 (for 12 sessions) (valid for 3 months)
RM50 (Walk in)/per class
RM50 (Trial class)/per class

I'm sure you will love the lesson and have fun!

Staphanie Mun (012- 385- 1501)

Here are some of my class photos:-

Monday, April 4, 2011

"I can't go on pointe! Help!!"

Top 8 tips to help you to get on pointe easier (& chill, it takes practise to make it work)


First and foremost, preparation!

For you to sustain the whole 15-20mins of pointe work exercise, (usually at the end of major lessons), you need to protect your toes! Some of you might still have teachers that forbide students from using thick toe pads, they prefer minimal toe protection (i.e. thin/simple cotton wool).

I'm an advocate for proper and good toes protection (i.e. gel type toe pads). The reason why i felt so strongly about this,is because i have seen too many students not preparing their toes at the beginning, end up getting blisters, bleeding toe nails, at the very beginning of the class, not being able to be trained. Then, what is the point? They end up not being able to follow the class, and sit out for weeks.

Mind you, blisters take time to heal!!

I usually use this type of gel type toe pad for my pointe exercise. I loved them the minute i discovered them! I can go forever on pointe!

My pink gel toe pad.=)

Here are the instructions to care for gel toe pad.

2) Lift the weight off. (Seriously, think light. You are as light as a feather)

Weight should be lifted out of the pointe shoes and distributed throughout the body. Failure to lift weight away from the hips results in curled toes or clenched, instead of elongated and narrowed. Avoid sinking into those shoes, causing pain and stress to your toes.

It is worth it to loss some weight before you go on pointe. Overweight students risk placing extra pressure on their toes.

3) Stand on pointe correctly

Check if you are standing on pointe with the entire tip of the platform flatly touching the floor and your toes perpendicular to the floor. Your instep should be fully stretched to avoid foot pushed too forward.

Example of a simple exercise:-
Facing barre or practise at home facing a chair.
Foot in 1st position, slowly roll up on pointe, then bend your knee on pointe.
Now, you can feel the entire tip of your pointe shoes flat on the floor.
Stay in that entire flat tip, slowly stretch those knees, until you are on pointe with a perfect tip on the floor.

Repeat a few times.

4) Eye line helps

Beginning pointe students should learn to look up and focus at eye level. Often times, you are so concern about those toes, your eye line keep looking down. This is not going to help with your lifted weight. So, look up and smile.

Feel your work.

5) Find your centre / Balance

Rolling builds strength. Rise slowly to full pointe and roll back from the ball down through the heel, using the whole foot. The instep is developed as it raises and lowers the heel. Rise to pointe should require minimal adjustment. It should be a smooth rather than jerky feeling. While you are on pointe, find your centre (abdominal muscle) and balance. Avoid sticking your stomach out.

6) Work on both legs

By working equally on both legs avoid having develop one foot more than another. Especially, during pirouette on pointe, where some students tend to have a favor 'good' side.

Make sure you work equally on both legs.=)

7) Confidence

Besides physical strength, you have to be confidence with your ability when you are on pointe. I think that a little pinch of confidence, lift you up and it shows.

8) Attitude

You must go in to pointe class with a positive and open mind. Do not let all the horror stories of injuries scare you off before you even try. I'm not saying injuries would not happen. Start slow, listen to your teacher's instructions, do not perform steps that you are not prepared and trained for. Be patience.

Believe you can do it!

By simply believing it, you won half the battle.

Students with a right attitude, are eager to learn, they do not complaint and wind over small failures, do not stop trying.

My collection of pointe shoes...=)

OK, here are some of my tips for getting on pointe. Enjoy your pointe work!

Love, Staphanie Mun

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adult Ballet

Are you looking for an Adult Ballet Beginners Class in Malaysia?

Adult Ballet Beginners class
WHERE? Fit For 2, Level 3, Bangsar Village 2.


TALK TO ZACK (03-2287 5001)

Fees: RM100 one off registration fees for Fit For 2 studio
RM 480 (12 sessions) (Valid for 3 months)
RM 50 (Walk in)
RM 50 (Trial Class)

Do e-mail me your details, if you are interested:

Awesome Adult Ballet Blog-

Introduce you all to one of my twitter friend.

She writes a very popular and interesting blog, Adult Beginner.

She started taking up ballet at 32, she writes about her interesting Adult Ballet classes. Often times, i burst out laughing reading her hilarious stories. So fun!
Personally, i really liked her, and i admire her determination to do ballet and share her experiences with others!

It is a must read blog for all Adult Beginners.=)

Love, Staphanie Mun