Friday, April 13, 2012

Example of a typical Adult Ballet Class

I'm resuming to teach my adult ballet classes in September 2012. Really looking forward.

Direct e-mail me if you are interested to start private adult ballet lesson from me:

Book your place early!
Love, Staphanie Mun

My favourite things to do during spare time

Recently, i attended a 'Me Time' mini workshop by Cindy Lensen.
During the workshop, i was asked to list down 3 things that i absolutely enjoy doing during my free time.

Here are what i wrote down:-
1) Listening to classical music and thinking/choreographing ballet steps in my head.

2) Writing down positive thoughts for myself.

3) Reading a book in my garden, looking at clouds, listening to birds and sounds of water running (our pond water feature)


Here i want to share with you a video that inspire my teaching plan for my Adult Ballet classes..=)

A Day in the Life of a Ballerina

I love to share video of Ballerina's life. Here is Principal dancer at the National Ballet of Canada, Jillian Vanstone.

First Position Official Trailer #2 - Ballet Movie (2012) HD

Looking forward to go and watch this ballet documentary!=)
Love, Staphanie Mun