Saturday, April 2, 2011

Awesome Adult Ballet Blog-

Introduce you all to one of my twitter friend.

She writes a very popular and interesting blog, Adult Beginner.

She started taking up ballet at 32, she writes about her interesting Adult Ballet classes. Often times, i burst out laughing reading her hilarious stories. So fun!
Personally, i really liked her, and i admire her determination to do ballet and share her experiences with others!

It is a must read blog for all Adult Beginners.=)

Love, Staphanie Mun


  1. Hi, Juliet, Checked out your pretty blog too=)
    Keep up the good work!

    How long have you been dancing?

    Love & peace, Staph

  2. What a sweet shout-out, thank you!
    And I'm so happy to see new entries here on your blog, and such lovely pictures. Yay!

  3. Sound interesting,I will check out the link that you give so that I can follow your blogs and get inspired with your stories.Excited to know what are your motivation and why you enter to ballet.