Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ballet barre - Understanding artistry

In my adult ballet classes, as i see my clients progressing in technique, i started to introduce the meaning of expressive movement, getting them to dance more expressively.

Artistry means being able to express the intent of the dance, the choreographer's ideas, and emotions through ballet movements and gestures with the music. In the context of my barre classes, even simple movement at the barre can be beautifully expressed.

I enjoy seeing my clients feel good after class, holistically, feeling wonderful both physically and mentally. Similar to reading a great poem, seeing a riveting dramatic performance, listening to a piece of music that move your spirit, or viewing a work of art that connects to your senses, a dance artist visually expresses through the fullness and elegance of movements and gestures in relations with music that accompanies the performance- the poetry, emotion, and drama of the dance.

If i succeed in inspiring my clients to enjoy ballet as a from of art, it brings so much meaning to me.

Signing off with Love,
Staphanie Mun
Founder of AT THE BARRE

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