Friday, September 30, 2011

Amazing 5th Year Vaganova Student Beyond Anyone's Imagination

The opening pirouette from a grand plie is beyond anyone's understanding. She makes a complete pirouette, which is nothing special, but she finishes on balance and maintains that balance for a long period, with a perfect passe to a develop front, all on balance,until the exercise forces her raised leg to pass through first position, which forces her to lower her heel that has been balancing from the beginning of her pirouette. She never takes that heel down, until the exercise forces her to pass through first position.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Special Tasting Menu @ Sage Restaurant

I enjoy good food, beauty of mother nature, small wonderful things in life.
Life is beautiful.

Vichyssoise of Cream Artichoke with Cognac Abalone and Avruga Caviar. Simply heavenly, creamy yum!

Roasted Duck Foie Gras with Flambe Martell Cognac berries.

Granny Smith Apple Granite with Martell Cognac Jelly

Two way preparation of Wagyu Beef with Mushroom Flambe Martell Cognac

Baked Apple in Phyllo Pastry serves with Home Made Cognac ice-cream.

Such a blessing to dine in Sage again, always a joy to taste Chef Daniel's new menu.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ballet for the Body: Barre Classes

All women envy the dancer. Yes, they are coordinated, artistic and trained athletes. But mainly, we envy them because of their perfectly sculpted, toned physiques. As someone who has endeavored practically every mainstream sport, I can proudly say that when I trained in ballet and jazz, my body was the leanest and lightest it has ever been.

So what is it about this gentle training system that keeps the body so thin without adding bulky muscles? If you haven’t noticed, ballet has similar characteristics and benefits as that of yoga and pilates, except it works to turn your hip and legs outward. It focuses on flexibility, while also strengthening your muscles with certain held positions. The constant stretching also works to elongate your muscles, which keeps everything longer and thinner. Since ballet never requires you (the female dancer) to use any outside resistance, except the weight of your own body parts, the muscles remain lean.

Ballet is a very disciplined, highly technical activity that does not put an abundance of strain on the body, like other rigorous sports. It also works to train the body to dance in perfect symmetry, which after years of training can be extremely rewarding.

Recap on the benefits:

-Constant stretching elongates the muscles
-Held poses tone muscles, especially the core
-Constant movement burns calories
-Never uses more than own body weight for resistance

Barre Classes at AT THE BARRE with Founder & Creator Staphanie Mun Chen

Yes, putting on a leotard and tights can be a little intimidating and downright scary for some of us. But don’t worry, adult classes are geared for those who would simply like to enjoy the many benefits of beautiful ballet dancing.

Book your slot now.
whatsapp / Call 012-385-1501

American Ballet Theater Spring 2011, New York City

Finally, I get to watch my favourite ballet big names perform live at the Metropolitan Opera House, NYC.

I watched Julie Kent in Cinderella, Alina Cojocaru in Coppelia and Gillian Murphy in Swan Lake! I absolutely love watching them!

Check out ABT's official website:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A week at the Prix de Lausanne 2010

Found an interesting video about contestants of Prix de Lausanne. Sneak peak into a week of rehearsal and competitions of this prestige classical ballet competition.

Darcey Bussell Documental #2

Darcey Bussell Documental #1

Darcey Bussell Self Portrait

Really like this!

Here is a piece of art, i would like to own and decorate my house.=)
Do you like it, too?

Giselle pdd 1 Alina Cojocaru-Manuel Legris (Tokyo)

Facinating! Alina's technique is perfect!
See how she master the port de bras forward over the leg and she starts lifting her leg at same time as the body...i almost stop breathing... she is divine!
And music is soooo beautiful!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Little Ballerina went sailing in Manhattan

It was a lovely sunny day!

Little Ballerina meet Alexandra McQueen

Tonight is Museum Mile festival (14 June 2011)

I was totally blown away by Alexandra McQueen's: Savage beauty special exhibition at the MET!

Arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) at 5.45pm, we plan to arrive early to beat the anticipated crowd of over 50000 festival attendees every year!
By 6pm, we can see crowd start sauntering along the traffic-free, music- and art-filled fiesta from 105th Street down to 82nd Street.

Good thing we headed straight to Alexandra McQueen's: Savage beauty special exhibition. There was an hour long wait to get in, with a line threading through the 19th century galleries. We were the 1st few in the line. The audience was diverse in age and nationality, thought there was a predictable tendency to euro-chic-ness. I don’t think one person in 100 looked at the rodins or anything else in the galleries the line passed through. All have only one thing in mind to see, of course! No photos are allowed in the exhibition.

It was a dark and stormy exhibition, with generous representations of sadomasochism, leather, chains, particularly at the beginning, and very very low light levels. Dramatic music emanating from hidden speakers.

I was immediately mesmerised by the 1st piece of McQueen's red avant-garde that greet my eyes. Simply beautiful, bold.

As i step further into the exhibition, I found myself immersed in the strange beauty of McQueen’s designs. His materials are completely distinctive ranging from tight leather bodices shaped to the form of the wearer like armor; to beautiful razor clam shells and abalone; to delicately carved wood; feathers (including an amazing dress of pheasant feathers with thousands of “eyes;”) all kinds of lacy, light, frothy, swirly stuff that I couldn’t begin to identify.

Romantic Primitivism
“I try to push the silhouette. To change the silhouette is to change the thinking of how we look. What I do is look at ancient African tribes, and the way they dress. The rituals of how they dress. . . . There’s a lot of tribalism in the collections.” —Alexander McQueen

The exhibition design was dramatic and in some ways quite intrusive, in a good way. The design heightened the drama and focus on the objects. The designers used pretty much every non-digital trick in the book. Gorgeous projections lent a very potent atmosphere to the exhibition, videos of some of McQueen’s runway shows were discreetly placed around the opening galleries.

My favourite was his Romantic Gothic creations and Cabinet of Curiosities, where he display hats and heels of the weirdest shape.


“People find my things sometimes aggressive. But I don’t see it as aggressive. I see it as romantic, dealing with a dark side of personality.”—Alexander McQueen

“You’ve got to know the rules to break them. That’s what I’m here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition.” —Alexander McQueen

I walk out of the exhibition thinking and marveled at his ability to create so freely and pushing of the boundaries at everything he create. The fact that it exists in the commercial context, in this case of fashion, puts it in the good company of much of what is shown in an encyclopedic museum like the Met.

I find myself thinking of the dresses in this exhibition and wanting to now more about McQueen. Did some reading of who is this genius, and indeed the world miss him....There is a good website video that walk thru the whole exhibition exactly like i did,, under exhibition video.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What makes me happy? Scent of Fresh Flowers, DANCE, writing, ...most of all LOVE=)

Starting my own ballet blog was very exciting for me, also come with challenges as well, besides my busy work schedules, i constantly look for refreshing inspirations, and stay true to myself, write and share my dance thoughts to my readers. Hoping that my blog will bring joy to someone.

Life is wonderful. My hubby love to shower me with flowers, gets me nice colourful stationaries for my writing. I thank God for such an encouraging hubby, supporting and cheering me on, in whatever i set my heart to do.

So, today's post, i want to dedicate to my loving hubby.=)
"Thank you, darling, for everything."

There was one day, i came back from a long day, he surprise me with flowers in our living room, dining table, even our kitchen. Really sweet!

Here is a fruit platter he prepared for me, while i work on my baby project, MyLilBallerina.

Today, i want to share a few new exercises that i plan to do in my next Adult ballet class:-

Single and double Ronds de Jambe en l'air en dehors and en dedans
Sideway to barre.
Intro music, arm 1st to seconde.

1 Extend straight leg to a la seconde at 45 degree.
2 Single ronde de jambe en l'air en dehors.
3 Double ronde de jambe en l'air en dehors.
4 Close 3rd derriere.
5 Lift straight leg to a la seconde at 45 degree.
6 Single ronde de jambe en l'air en dedans.
7 Double ronde de jambe en l'air en dedans.
8 Close 3rd devant.

1 Lift straight leg to a la seconde at 45 degree with rise (supporting leg)
2 Single ronde de jambe en l'air en dehors.(Stay rise)
3 Double ronde de jambe en l'air en dehors. (Stay rise)
4 Close 3rd derriere. (lower down heel)
5 Lift straight leg to a la seconde at 45 degree with rise (supporting leg)
6 Single ronde de jambe en l'air en dedans. (Stay rise)
7 Double ronde de jambe en l'air en dedans. (Stay rise)
8 Close 3rd devant.

Chasse en avant.
Full port de bras forward
Draw in 5th position on rise
Coupe, step forward in 5th rise, arm 5th position.
turn to the other side.

Repeat (whole exercise.)

Centre exercise

Last week, i introduced Fouette of Adage to my students. Train them balance and mastering the arabesque position.

Fouette of Adage
Commencing 5th position, enface.

1-2 Developpe devant, arms 1st position.
3-4 Extend leg to 2nd position, arms to a la seconde.
5&6 3 pivots to face left side, arabesque leg derriere en l'air, arms in arabesque.
7-8 lift to 90 degree.

1-2 Lower to fondue, arms 3rd arabesque.
3-4 Draw in 5th position, coupe devant in fondue, arm reverse demi bras.
5-8 Soutenus turn to other side. Arms in 5th position.

Repeat other side.

Petite Allegro

Sissone change
Commencing right foot devant, en face.

1-2 2x Soubresaut
3 Sissone change
4 Petite assemble derriere

5-8 Repeat

1-8 Echappe saute en croix


Love, Staphanie Mun

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ballet lessons for Children

From time to time, I'll meet my former students (the little ones) and their parents at my workplace or in church. (I stop teaching so many classes now, only teaching Adult ballet) Boy, I'm glad, they always greet me warmly and one of the parents even told me, her daughter misses me and stop dancing because the new teacher was so fierce...

I feel sad hearing that... Yes, teaching young kids requires discipline, but i also believe that teachers should make the class enjoyable and create a positive learning environment for young children to learn. This will also create precious childhood memories for those young children.

I want to leave teachers with these questions, think about it... it will be nice to give me your opinions, interesting ideas to share.=)

1) In what way, you are creating a fun, loving learning environment for your young students? Creating fun stories to tell when teaching new steps, make class more interesting? By giving out cute stickers at the end of class to encourage them? By choosing to use words that builds up confidence & affirming your students, i.e. Well done. That was wonderful work! etc?

2) Why is that important to you, as a teacher?

3) How will your choice of teaching method, attitude, affect your students?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Double class for Adult Ballet!!!

Excellent news!!

I'm so please and excited to announce that i'm teaching, not one but two classes a week of ballet!

So, for you who are longing to join a adult ballet workout class, SIGN UP NOW!

Every Wednesday and Friday 7.00pm- 8.00pm
Where? Jalan Gasing PJ Home studio

Oh.... I'm so excited to more classes!!
Love, Staphanie Mun

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Ballerina Lazy Sunday

I enjoy flipping thru fashion magazines all the time. I think all girls do. For me especially, i needed to be inspired to look beautiful. Don't know about you, but i find myself too complacent sometimes... Haha...=> You know what i mean? Minimal blusher, lip gloss, hair tied-up in pony tail. Voila, I'm out the door.

So, as i was saying, looking at models and celebrities in their best look, inspire me to buck up and look good too!=)

I always manage to find ballet pictures in fashion magazine.=)
Another gorgeous ad campaign by Repetto:-



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adult ballet Teaching Dairy Jalan Gasing PJ Home studio

My Adult ballet Teaching Dairy
Share some simple free exercise choreographed by myself:-

1) Plie (Revision) (Free work)
Commencing 1st position. Side way to barre.
Intro (Arm demi bras)
1-4 2x Demi Plie
5-8 Forward Port de Bras
1-4 Grand Plie
5-6 Rise & lower
7-8 Degage to a la seconde

(Repeat) 2x 8's with Side bend (in a la seconde)
(Repeat) 2x 8's with Back bend (in 3rd position)
(Repeat) 2x 8's with Circular Port De Bras (4th position)
Rise. Arms open 5th position.

2) Battement Tendue (Revision, add new moves)
Commencing 3rd position left foot devant. Side way to barre.
Intro (Arm 1st to 2nd)
Battement tendue with straight legs en croix
Battenment tendue with fondue en croix
Glisse encloche passing thru cou-de-pied

3) Battement glisse (Revision, add some difficulty and speed)
Commencing 3rd position left foot devant. Side way to barre.
Intro (Arm 1st to 2nd)
1-2 1x Battement glisse in 2 count (devant)
3-4 2x Battement glisse in 1 count (devant)
5-6 1x Battement glisse in 2 count (a la seconde) close derriere
7-8 2x Battement glisse in 1 count (a la seconde) close devant & derriere
(Repeat) en croix

4) Rond de Jambe a terre
Commencing 3rd position left foot devant. Side way to barre.
Intro (Arm 1st to 2nd)
Rond de Jambe a terre en dehor with straight leg, en croix
Rond de Jambe a terre en dedans with straight leg, en croix
Rond de Jambe a terre en dehor with bend leg, en criox
Rise & turn other side.

5) Releve
Facing barre. Commencing 1st position.
3x Releve in 1st
Degage to a la seconde
3x Releve in 2nd
Degage to 3rd devant
3x Releve in 3rd
Degage to 3rd derriere
3x Releve in 3rd
Degage close 1st position

6) Releve & Retire passe
Facing barre. Commencing 3rd position.
1x Releve
1x Retire devant
1x Retire passe
1x Releve

7) Training of Grand Battement with attitude (bend leg) & straight leg
Commencing 3rd position left foot devant. Side way to barre.
Intro (Arm 1st to 2nd)
Degage devant, lift grand battement devant with bend leg
en croix
Repeat with straight leg

8) Centre exercise

Commencing croise, left foot devant.
2x Classical walk (Arm 1st to a la seconde)
Chasse passe into 1st arabesque
1st arabesque en l'air
Fondue, pas de bourree
(Repeat other side)

Emboite 3x
Soutenu en tournant

10) Training exercise for turn
(1/4 turn)


11) Petite Allegro
Pas jete & Temp leve

Hope you enjoy today's post!

Remember, you can do ballet at any age. It is an excellent fitness workout!

Are you looking for a fitness class, a workout session that train both physical strength and cultivate poise? Join my adult ballet lessons.

Wear a baby t-shirt, singlet & black legging.

RM480 (for 12 sessions) (valid for 3 months)
RM50 (Walk in)/per class
RM50 (Trial class)/per class

I'm sure you will love the lesson and have fun!

Staphanie Mun (012- 385- 1501)

Look what i found... while i was spring cleaning today.

Can you guess what this is?
My mood page for Little Ballerina, before the birth of my blog...
I was thinking about this project, this concept, will people read it? Should i start a blog?

I have so much passion for ballet. Creative juice is oozing out from my brain, i have to write, i have to start this ballet blog.=)

So, as you can see, i was already thinking about merchandising, back then... hehe...
drawing & designing my first Little Ballerina T-shirts for fans.

Looking back, it is kinda cool.
I'm having a lot of fun, i get to meet interesting, like minded (ballet crazy) friends from around the world.

Voila! MyLilBallerina is born.

I'll update you all when my Little Ballerina T-shirt is available!

Love, Staphanie Mun

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Petite Allegro: Saute & Changement

Petite Allegro - small jumps

Saute = Small simple jumps (not too high)

Example exercise:-
Commencing 1st position, enface.
(Arm bras bas)
1-4 4x saute in 1st position
5-8 Straighten legs (arms demi bras)
& Demi plie

1-4 4x saute in 1st position
5-8 Straighten legs (arms demi bras)

Tips: Always start with a demi-plie, push away from floor, using the floor momentum, let your feet leave the ground. Straighten your knees and point your feet in the air! =)

Repeating 4 sets of this exercise, increase your stamina and endurance.=)

Changements = Changing your feet during the jump

Example exercise:-
Commencing 3rd position, right foot devant, enface.
(Arm bras bas)
1-4 4x changement in 3rd position with change feet.
5-8 Straighten legs (arms demi bras)
& Demi plie

1-4 4x changement in 3rd position with change feet
5-8 Straighten legs (arms demi bras)

Enjoy your Petite Allegro!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend for Little Ballerina

It rained this morning. A bit chilly but i love the morning cool breeze.
Saturday morning... started with a good cup of coffee.

My plan for today:-
Tidy up my house.
I get pretty messy when i work, my whole dining table are full of paper and books, my Sony Alpha DSL camera, moleskin notebook, and various coloured pens. My cherry red Sony laptop stand in the middle of all these chaos....=)

Rearrange my collections of ballet DVDs & music CDs... (remind myself to pack them in my teaching bag, to share the DVds with my students, i'm sure they'd like to watch)

Whatelse should i do today?
Hm... i deserve a 'do nothing day', just unwind and relax after such a hectic and busy week.=) Often time, i fall into that category of women, feeling guilty of having 'me' time. I want to change that mindset and love my body, mind and soul. We all need to rest, and time to rejuvanate.=)

ok! I'm just going to relax now, & listen to some music...