Monday, May 9, 2016

Ballet barre - Movement memory

I often say in my barre class that doing ballet in adulthood is really good for our brain too. Love to challenge my clients to think, exercise our brain in ballet class, i call it brain game for ballet babes.

Movements you perform in class are based on movement memory, also called muscle memory, which connects to developing your kinesthetic sense. After several months of attending ballet barre classes, you will be more familiarise with ballet movements like plie, tendue exercises.

This type of memory incorporates continued feedback to the basic movement to clarify the sequence of the legs or alter the arms and head in an exercise or step. Later, movement memory expands as exercises and combinations get longer, contain more steps, and increasingly become more complex. After practising many repetitions of a movement, you can execute the movement without thinking of the different parts, yet you are able to apply feedback or add stylistic elements to enhance the movement into a more sophisticated performance.

Keep dancing, keep practising. Stay beautiful!

Signing off with love,
Staphanie Mun
Founder of AT THE BARRE

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