Wednesday, May 4, 2016

AT THE BARRE: Port De Bras

Literally means 'carriage of arms'. A simple movement of the arms to different positions, dancers work hard to make it seem graceful, poised and seamless.

A simple port de bras, commence from bras bra, to 1st position, to 5th position, to 2nd position, back to bras bra.

Good exercise for beginners to feel their back's strength while maintaining the arm positions, shoulders should be kept down, particularly in 5th position when it is very easy to hunch them.

The elbow should never be allowed to cave in and should always be supported.

The wrist should also be supported in all positions and never be allowed to flap either up or down.

The fingers are held closely together with the thumb pulled slightly towards the palm of the hand.

In general, visually beautiful soft clear line should be practised from shoulder to fingertips, controlled but never strained in appearance.

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Staphanie Mun Chen
Founder of AT THE BARRE
A barre fitness lifestyle studio