Monday, April 18, 2016

Benefits of taking ballet lessons as adult


Here are a few benefits of Ballet Lessons for Adults:-

1) Ballet is not just for the athletic, the artistic, or the young. Homemakers, physicists, philanthropists, lawyers, secretaries- ballet is more popular than ever among people of all métier, all ages.

2) Ballet offers both a break from daily life and a challenge with its own distinct mental and physical rewards.

3) In class you become a part of the grace and beauty you see onstage, and it becomes part of you.

4) Ballet also provides a great workout, with lasting benefits of toning, lengthening, and stretching. Every inch of your muscle will be actively engaged in movements. We will teach you feel the muscle you never thought you can control! You will end up shedding a few pounds and have a well-toned up body.

5) Another benefit is you will find ballet does wonders to your posture!

6) Ballet, actually make you smarter and prevent Alzheimer! In ballet, we listen and move along with music, you will use a lot of ‘brain power’ to remember the steps, keep up with the music timing, and coordinate the different body parts. For example, we exercise the left brain for getting the logic of the steps combinations; Right brain for interpreting the music and expressing our body in an artistic manner; The upper rear portion of the brain for interpreting spatial relationship; and the lower part of the brain for memorizing the steps.

7) No dress code in adult class. Wear a T-shirt/wrap sweater and sweatpants/a skirt in which you can move freely. As you progress, you may find yourself gaining confidence and shedding pounds- and a layer or two of clothing along with them.


Staphanie Mun Chen 
Founder of Little Ballerina 
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  1. I absolutely love the idea of improving my posture using ballet! I've had back problems for most of my life, and I've always struggled with my posture. I think taking dance classes could really be of benefit for me. I'll look into this more for sure!

    1. Great! Go for it, girl! Take some ballet lessons and see the transformation.=)
      Staphanie Mun Chen
      Founder of Little Ballerina

  2. May i know how much is it per month ?

  3. Hello, are there any available adult beginner ballet class that I can join? Looking forward to hearing from you :) Safiyyah

  4. Hi there, I would like to ask what is the fees and schedule like for the adult ballet classes? Thanks :)