Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend for Little Ballerina

It rained this morning. A bit chilly but i love the morning cool breeze.
Saturday morning... started with a good cup of coffee.

My plan for today:-
Tidy up my house.
I get pretty messy when i work, my whole dining table are full of paper and books, my Sony Alpha DSL camera, moleskin notebook, and various coloured pens. My cherry red Sony laptop stand in the middle of all these chaos....=)

Rearrange my collections of ballet DVDs & music CDs... (remind myself to pack them in my teaching bag, to share the DVds with my students, i'm sure they'd like to watch)

Whatelse should i do today?
Hm... i deserve a 'do nothing day', just unwind and relax after such a hectic and busy week.=) Often time, i fall into that category of women, feeling guilty of having 'me' time. I want to change that mindset and love my body, mind and soul. We all need to rest, and time to rejuvanate.=)

ok! I'm just going to relax now, & listen to some music...

Ballet + Cupcake = Happy Ballerina!

Such a wonderful and good workout today.

Started the class with a few warm up routines, move on to barre work.
All free music and free work choreographed by me:
1) Battement Tendue
2) Rond de Jambe a Terre en dehor, Rond de Jambe en dedan & develope
3) Battement Glisse en croix
4) Grand Battement with Attitude
5) Centre work: Adage : Port de Bras
6) Petite Allegro: Changement
7) Grande Allegro: Temp leve
8) Reverence
9) Warm down floor exercises

By the end of the class, i was feeling real good!

And here is the surprise, at the end of our lesson, there were all these super cute boxes of cupcakes waiting for us! Thank you, D!