Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ballet lessons for Children

From time to time, I'll meet my former students (the little ones) and their parents at my workplace or in church. (I stop teaching so many classes now, only teaching Adult ballet) Boy, I'm glad, they always greet me warmly and one of the parents even told me, her daughter misses me and stop dancing because the new teacher was so fierce...

I feel sad hearing that... Yes, teaching young kids requires discipline, but i also believe that teachers should make the class enjoyable and create a positive learning environment for young children to learn. This will also create precious childhood memories for those young children.

I want to leave teachers with these questions, think about it... it will be nice to give me your opinions, interesting ideas to share.=)

1) In what way, you are creating a fun, loving learning environment for your young students? Creating fun stories to tell when teaching new steps, make class more interesting? By giving out cute stickers at the end of class to encourage them? By choosing to use words that builds up confidence & affirming your students, i.e. Well done. That was wonderful work! etc?

2) Why is that important to you, as a teacher?

3) How will your choice of teaching method, attitude, affect your students?