Monday, April 26, 2010

Making of Ballet Pointe Shoe

Have you ever make your old pointe shoe into soft shoe? I had a lot of fun, dismantling, pulling and taking out nails out of the old pointe shoe, while marveled at the anatomy of my pointe shoe, making into a wearable soft shoe.

Today's blog post, I want to share about the process of making a pointe shoe.

Here goes...
Step 1-2: Cutting, Sewing
The vamp section, quarter sections and linings that form the upper of the toe shoe are cut. After inspecting the fabric for imperfections, cutting room staffs do multicuts of yards of satin and lining material for stock shoes using hydraulic press to cut many layers at one time. Seamstresses at sewing machines join the fronts and backs (vamps and quarters) of the upper, and sew the satin and cotton lining sections of the upper together.

Step 3: Preparing the Insole, shank, and outer sole
The insole, shank, and outer sole are cut out of large pieces of leather to the shape needed by heavy mechanical presses.

Step 4: Pulling over
Pointe shoes are made on a straight last and have no right or left since this kind of "no-footed" construction gives better balance and a truer, straighter point.

Step 5-9: Blocking,The lasting steps, stitching and turning, insole insertion and Hammering out
Fabric, paper and special formula glue are used to build up the inside of the box.
The lasting step begins as the shoemaker pulls the uppers taut and uses his hands as well as various pushing and pulling instruments to mold the still soft block into its finished pointe shape, square, long, flat, oval, or curved.
He inserts the pleats by hand and pushes them into position with an awl-like instrument called the bone.
The pleats are stitched down with linen thread, and excess cloth is trimmed.
The insole and attached reinforcing shank are placed inside the shoe with glue and nails.

Step 10: Drying
Finished shoes are placed on a rack to dry for 2 to 4 days. At some factories, the shoes are baked in a hot-air oven.

Step 11: Inspection
Dried shoes are inspected for quality, and either stored until needed or prepared for shipment.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ballet inspired party/ cocktail dresses

Have you ever plan to get dress up for a party the night before. Close your eye, you see yourself wearing a beautiful dress in the party. Indulge yourself. Become a walking dream. Getting dress for a party is the perfect way to get into the mood for having a good times!

Be the belle of the party!

Here are some ballet-inspired party/cocktail dresses.


I love this! Here is a Don Loper Vintage dress.

1950s vintage AMETHYST BLUE nylon party gown.

Oscar De la Renta evening/wedding gown. Can you imagine them in other beautiful colours?

How about accessories for a party?

Here we see the beautiful flower head-wear from Carmen.

Salmon peach big rose blossom wedding flower hair comb

So pretty!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Celebrities and their little ballerinas

Suri Cruise Is a Rainy Day Ballerina in NYC With Katie Holmes

The former “Simple Life” babe Nicole Richie couldn’t have looked happier as she picked up her baby girl –clad in a pink tutu - from her ballet class.

Actress Isla Fisher and her daughter Olive Cohen leaving a ballet class in Studio City, CA.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DVD review: Margot

Watched BBC4 drama 'Margot' yesterday, i wasn't really impressed by this movie about Margot Fonteyn. Maybe I was expecting to watch someone who can dance to play the legendary ballerina, unfortunately, the actress wasn't a dancer.

Margot played by English actress Anne-Marie Duff. (Sideline a bit here- Duff is married to the actor James McAvoy!! The cute actor in the movie 'Atonement' & 'Narnia'.)

Margot Fonteyn cause worldwide surge of excitement when she paired with Russian ballet legend Rudolph Nureyev (Played by Michiel Huisman).

Despite their age difference of 19 years, they created one of the most enduring and celebrated ballet partnership of all time!

Overall, it is a good drama, for a ballet researcher/lover/maniac like me, however, do not expect to watch a lot of technical ballet dance move and Duff doesn't particularly look like Fonteyn.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ballerina's Dream Wedding

Every girl dream of a perfect wedding... including myself (of course, i had my dream wedding in 2008).

I dedicate today's post to all bride-to-be that love everything pretty and lovely.

Picture perfect. Gorgeous bride and her beautiful bridesmaids.

Lovely bridesmaids.

Above pictures; Courtesy of Martha Stewards wedding website.

Tulle Tea-length wedding gown.

Closer look at the beautiful details.
Pictures courtesy of

Ballet slipper

Ballerina-inspired wedding hairdos

Haute Couture

I especially love to see the beautiful costumes that
seems to twinkle while fluttering across the stage.

These days, ballet-inspired style can be seen in fashion magazines;
ballet-inspired dresses, hairdos and accessories could be worn by anyone.

Picture above, you can see the making of the Chanel haute couture ballet costume.

English National Ballet had commission Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld to create an exclusive ballet costume for Principal Dancer Elena Glurdjidze, worn during her 'The Dying Swan' solo, summer 2009.

Elena Glurdjidze gave Lagerfeld a personal performance of the Dying Swan after her fitting at his salon in Paris.

Here we can see a picture of ballet legend Margot Fonteyn, wearing a long tutu and a sweater, old Hollywood style glamour and grace, yet simple and elegant, during a rehearsal.

More ballet-inspired pink and black designer dress by Micheal Kors

More ballet-inspired fashion photo shoot for Elle magazine.

The gorgeous Natasa Vojnovic grace the pages of Elle magazine with dancers from the American Ballet Theatre.

Natalia Vodianova looking stunning in a ballet-inspired gown.

More ballet-inspired gown at the Red Carpet

Scarlett Johansson was ballerina chic in a Dolce & Gabbana cream and ivory tulle tea-length gown with corseted bodice and grosgrain ribbon waistband detail.

Sarah Jessica Parker wore a fabulous Dior Haute Couture dress at the Oscar, the overall effect was breathtaking.