Thursday, April 26, 2012

I love this beautiful music.=)

Miyako Yoshida, was the Principle dancer for Royal Ballet, in Cinderella variation.

I just love the beautiful music and her clean work. Notice how perfect and long her pointed feet are, indeed blessed physic for Asian dancer.=) She just have this charm and presentation quality in her.

Ballet Class =)

Discovered this dancer, Nina Makogonova. I just can't seems to take my eyes off her throughout the lesson.

Royal Ballet Daily Class [complete] - Royal Ballet LIVE

I have selected this youtube video to show you, how a professional daily class goes.

In this video, it is the class done by professionals from the Royal Ballet. Notice some of the dancers are doing the exercises on the barre with just sock/leg warmer. Just love the rawness, sometimes it is good to 'feel the floor' and really work the arch of the feet and muscle.