Monday, May 3, 2010

Top 7 reason why dancing is good for you

Dance to a healthier you!

Even as a child, i love moving my feet to rhythms and music. It makes me feel happy. I enjoyed moving and spinning around my room to the music from the stereo. I remembered the feeling was so good, lifted up my mood and get my heart pumping, leaving my cheek so rosy.

Here are few reason why we should dance:-

1) Dancing makes you happy

You brain releases a type of 'happy hormone' called endorphines, when you are exercising. Personally, i feel very tired and lazy if i stop exersicing for awhile; on the contrary, after a vigorious session of dance lesson, i feel much more energetic and my spirit uplifted. Can you imagine, a happy wife goes back home, husband is happy too. A happy mother return home to her home and children, happy family. Your whole life changes, relationship become better, work performance improve etc. It is a very positive and good cycle.

2) Self esteem booster

Mastering a routine, keeping good musical quality while dancing, builds confidence. It gives you a sense of achievement and successful when you master it. Not only you will feel that you are good, when you lose weight along the way, you would love to look into the mirror in the studio to check out your new self!

3) Keeps you young

Years ago, i attended a dance workshop, i met this 60 years old ballet mistress from Hong Kong. She look absolutely young physically, so flexible. When ask of her secret of staying young, she share with us her daily stretching routine, kept herself active teaching, ate a well balanced meal and get plenty of fluid. Voila! Dancing make you younger.

4) Stimulate your creative juice

Dancing, will stimulate your creative side of brain. You will learn to create your own steps after few years of learning. The best feeling is to be able to watch your own choreography come to live on stage!

5) Keeps the weight off
Dancing is a good form of exercising. Many people have lose weight dancing, and manage to maintain to keep their weight off by continue dancing!

6) Improve metabolism

Exercising increases metabolism rate. That is a fact! The more you move, the more calories you will burn.

7) Make some good friends along the way.

Your children will thank you for sending them to ballet/ dance lessons. I did! When i was six, my mother enrolled me into ballet class. I was a chubby little shy lassie, since i join my dance class, i made so many friends and slowly gain confidence. I coudn't wait for dance class every week!

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