Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ballet class for kids with Down Syndrome

As i shared with you last week, that i'm preparing myself and planning ballet classes for children with special needs. I've been researching and reading a lot about these children, I thought my eyes and heart were open for the 1st time and i felt more passionate to share the joy of dancing with these amazing kids.

What children with special needs wish you knew
I'm just "me" and that's ok
I need friends along the way
I want to know God's Word
I like it when you talk to me
I won't give up-Don't you
I'm not sick- I have a Disability
I mess up-Like any other kid
I know God can use me-No matter what

Special needs children can benefit from dance, movement and music:-
-Boost self-esteem
-Build balance and coordination
-Increase muscle strength
-Increase muscle endurance
-Build flexibility
-Encourage team work, co operation and group skills
-Develop an awareness of beat, rhythm and movement to music skills
-Develop an understanding of musical qualities and the relationship of music to emotion and mood

Watch this video. Class brings joy of dance to children with Down syndrome.
How Dance instructor Todd taught a group of special need children.

Good tips and reference for my up-coming classes with the children in my church.

Instructor Todd Rosenlieb talks about the challenges and rewards of teaching dance to children with Down syndrome, as part of a six-week Adaptive Class that recently wrapped up its first session in Norfolk.

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