Monday, March 22, 2010

Boy and Mom at the Nutcracker Ballet


There's no talking in this movie.

It's not a movie! Just watch the dancers.
They tell the story through their dancing.

Why is the nutcracker mean?

I think because the little boy broke him.

Did the little boy mean to?

Probably not.

Why did the nutcracker stab his sword through the mouse king?
I liked the mouse king.

So did I. I don't know. I wish that part wasn't in it.

You can see the girls' underpants.

No, not underpants. It's a costume called a "Tutu", same word as "grandmother" in Hawaiin.

Are those real gems on their costumes?
Do they get to keep them?
Is that really snow coming down?

No, it can't be, it would melt and their feet get wet.

I think it's white paper.

Aren't they beautiful?

They are very beautiful. But what do the dancers do when we can't see them, when they're off the stage and they're not dancing?
Do you have any pistachios in your purse?

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