Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who is the creator of Little Ballerina?

Name: Staphanie Mun (d.o.b 15 January 1982)

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur

Occupation: Pharmacist, with great passion for ballet.

STAPHANIE spelled with an ‘A: “Yes. It was a mistake from the beginning. But as time goes by, i love it, there is only one special Staphanie among all the Stephanies.”

It’s the simple things

What makes Staphanie happiest? "Smell of brownies and coffee. My] husband making me crack up. God’s grace and blessings."

Parental guidance: “My mum taught me to stay positive, be a truly sincere friend, to make memories- make effort to spend wonderful time with people that you love most. My dad taught me to be generous.”

Watch out Martha Steward:

She loves baking stuff, cooking and ohhh so love decorating her home to perfection.

She thinks she has a dream job:

When not in the office or teaching private ballet lessons, she research and writes leisurely about one thing she loves most, ballet.

She is traditional:

“I always collect all ballet related books, pointe shoes everywhere I go in the world, has a hand written secret recipe book that contain all my God-mother’s wonderful traditional Chinese cuisine. And still own my very first encyclopedia, letter ‘B’ series, simply because of the description about Ballet.”

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