Saturday, December 12, 2009

What is Little Ballerina about?

What is Little Ballerina about?

When I was six, my mother signed me up for ballet lessons. I immediately feel in love with ballet, I enjoyed my classes, recitals and performances. I always worked extra hard, put in more effort than other girls, for main roles in performances.

Having passed all R.A.D. ballet exams up to Advanced level, I was advised of a teaching opportunity which, at the age of 18, I decided to try my hand at. I found that I enjoyed teaching children the art of dance.

I decided to pursue academic instead of pursuing ballet professionally, I continued my studies in Pharmacy and graduated as a pharmacist years later. Classical ballet is still a huge part of who I am. I grew up with ballet surrounding my daily routine. My former ballet academy was like my second home. I continued my passion for dance all these years, during my university days till now as I worked as a pharmacist.

Ballet is such a beautiful, graceful physical and artistic expression. It was love at first sight for me!

This is a project I wanted to start for ballet lover who have or have no dance training, for the ‘little ballerina’ in you. It is a sharing platform, for wonderful people that appreciate the art of dance.

My Thoughts on Teaching:-

Teaching children and adult ballet allow me to give back what I have enjoyed all these years of training to our next generation of dancers.

Children can be trained with patience and love. As teachers, we should give our best to train and teach them to be sensitive to music, let them learn about the captivating stage expression, discipline, cultivating self esteem, self-confidence thru dance.

I am a strong believer of positive affirmations and encouragements in teaching children. I believe in character building, shaping positive happy children while instilling foundation of discipline. Children thrive on encouragement, laughter, trust, boundaries, listening and freedom to be themselves, on the contrary, children wither on criticism, being judged, authoritarianism. I hope my students will enjoy their ballet class every single time, come running out from the studio wanting to share all details with their parents after class. Be a ballet teacher that cares, loves and children will always remember their names up until adulthood. Be a teacher that changes lives!

My goal isn't to see my students dance on the stage with a world-famous ballet company, by giving Nazi style training. I’m more interested in letting my students enjoy, have fun and establishing the right foundation in life for all of my students, by instilling discipline, self-confidence and joy in dance.

Many of the skills needed later in life- discipline, perseverance, the ability to learn new things are learned in the dance studio.