Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ballet barre streching

Benefits of ballet stretching

Ballet barre exercise, stretching is a crucial aspect of training.

Regular stretching of the body improves flexibility and motion of your joints it also improves circulation and helps to prevent injury.

Whether you’re a professional ballerina, athlete, beginner or intermediate in doing ballet barre, the long list of benefits associated with stretching have extremely positive impact on your body training.

  1. Increased flexibility. It increases the ability to move freely and easily and to perform everyday activities.
  2. Better muscle condition. It enhances athletic performance. In tennis, squash, volleyball, and swimming, greater range of motion and ability to apply force through that range of motion can confer a winning edge.
  3. Burning calories
  4. Releasing toxins
  5. Prevent injury. It may decrease the risk of injury
  6. A great way to relax. It feels good. Stretching reduces muscular tension, promotes relaxation.
  7. Anti aging effect. It counteracts age-related declines in flexibility.

Here is a basic rules i like to get my clients to follow when stretching:

B- Breath
Maintain steady deep breathing throughout.
“Inhale and exhale”

E- Ease into position
Do not force yourself into a stretch. You should always feel a slight pull when stretching but not a burning tear. Ease into the stretched position, do not rush into it, and slowly apply more pressure to get a nice stretch.
H- Hold for 30 seconds
Always stretch both sides of your body and hold for an even amount of time (ideally 20-30 seconds each position)

P- Patience
Hold longer for progression and development. Take your time in letting your body gain flexibility over time of practise. If you push too hard, too fast, you are stretching yourself to tears, may be doing more damage than good to your body.

P- Perseverance 
Be consistent with stretching everyday, persevere and keep going.

W- Warmed-up
Always stretch when body is fully warmed up.

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