Thursday, September 16, 2010

Power arch

Feet are one of several fetishes in the dance world. They are the anatomical tools that delineate a ballerina.

Good feet are judged on the size of the dancer’s arch, their high instep, strength and endurance.

Over the years, there have been many dancers praised for their beautiful feet. Their feet have become so beautiful, in fact, that one could spend days perusing images and video clips of their feet at work.

Here are some of the beautiful ballerinas' power arches:-

1. Paloma Herrera – American Ballet Theatre

2. Sylvie Guillem – Sadler’s Wells Theatre

3. Alessandro Ferri – American Ballet Theatre, retired

Alessandra Ferri, Sting music video

4. Svetlana Zahkrakova – Bolshoi Ballet

5. Lucia Lacarra – Bavarian State Ballet

6. Polina Semionova – Berlin State Opera

7. Tamara Rojo – Royal Ballet

8. Lucinda Dunn – The Australian Ballet

9. Maria Kotchekova – San Francisco Ballet


  1. its so i wish i could have a feet like them..................

  2. I think a dancer's physique, whether u got long lean limbs or not, is God's blessing, and family gene. I wish i have them too!!

  3. beautiful Sting Video . . Thank you for sharing . . H.