Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DVD review: Margot

Watched BBC4 drama 'Margot' yesterday, i wasn't really impressed by this movie about Margot Fonteyn. Maybe I was expecting to watch someone who can dance to play the legendary ballerina, unfortunately, the actress wasn't a dancer.

Margot played by English actress Anne-Marie Duff. (Sideline a bit here- Duff is married to the actor James McAvoy!! The cute actor in the movie 'Atonement' & 'Narnia'.)

Margot Fonteyn cause worldwide surge of excitement when she paired with Russian ballet legend Rudolph Nureyev (Played by Michiel Huisman).

Despite their age difference of 19 years, they created one of the most enduring and celebrated ballet partnership of all time!

Overall, it is a good drama, for a ballet researcher/lover/maniac like me, however, do not expect to watch a lot of technical ballet dance move and Duff doesn't particularly look like Fonteyn.


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